About Us

Aimee Ravichandran, CEO of Abundantly Social
Hi Everyone! I am Aimee Ravichandran, the CEO of Abundantly Social. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas where I attended UTSA and graduated with a Bachelor in Psychology. During that time, I began working with Houston known Sandy Lawrence, CEO of Perceptive Public Relations. That’s where I began to learn the ins and outs of social media and develop a great understanding of managing different type of businesses social media accounts. And I did not stop there! I went on to take courses and attended numerous Social Media Examiner webinars learning about social media marketing and consulting. That was 5 years ago. Now, with 5 years experience under my belt, I’ve decided to make the jump and start Abundantly Social, doing what I love, helping businesses break through on the social media market, and getting them out there to the world. Here, at Abundantly Social, we do it all: website design, social media marketing / manager, consultant, and more. 

Abundantly Social starts with getting to know YOU

Before we turn our attention to your business, we will spend time getting to know you as a person. We like to build a relationship with each client so we can give them the best coverage and help reach the perfect audience for their business. Some of our clients are Poet + Joy Handbags, The ADDiva Network, Fertility Coach Michelle Galatoire, Author Anthony J. Harris, and Spiritual Happy Hour (The Radio Show). We have done event coverage for clients from attending the event and posting pictures, fb live, etc. No matter what kind of event, Abundantly Social will be there to support you in any way. We are all different and here at Abundantly Social we embrace it and show it to the world!

Aimee having fun in the water

Aimee and Josh

Our little family at Christmas time

Some background on me

I am newly married. I met my husband Josh 4 years ago in a government class in college. He played the “eye candy game” as we call it. He would stare at me from across the room and when I caught him at it, he would look away as quick as possible. I must say I found it odd back then but for some reason I felt drawn to him. After getting married, Josh and I moved to Houston, Texas. He is currently attending the University of Houston and studying Chemical Engineering for which I created a blog called “The Chem-E and Me”.

We have two dogs, or our “children” as I like to call them. Hercules is our oldest. He is a loving Chihuahua of about eight years old. He loves me to death and cuddles with me every chance he gets. We both love being indoors and just relaxing watching movies together. Thor is our youngest. He is also a Chihuahua and he is two years old. He was supposed to be a teacup… then he grew up to be about 15- 20 pounds. The biggest teacup I have ever seen but we still love him. He is Josh’s little buddy. They both love the outdoors and Thor enjoys watching T.V. with Josh. Yes, he actually watches T.V. and growls when other animals appear on the screen.

Some of the places you can see Abundantly Social:
Author Talk Podcast
Weekly FB Live on Perceptive PR

I look forward to getting to know each one of you and helping you Break Through on Social Media!