Are You Struggling to Know What Your Brand Is?

Posting online and not getting any engagment? Wondering what you are doing wrong? Ask yourself if your audience really understand what you do. Most Author or others within the writer community don't understand how to brand themseleves to get the most exposure. It is more than just putting your logo everywhere and sticking to the same colors for all your content. It is about how you make people feel while they are are your webiste or your social media. It is about showcasing your personality and passion through these outlets. To let people see who you are in a clean, professional way. Through The Eyes of Authors is hosting a Author Branding Series with Fern Brady

Over these next seven-weeks, we will show you what a brand is and why you need one. you might already have one and not even realize it. We will give you tips on how to communicate it to your audience in the best way to get you the most value for what you do. If you are looking for speaking opportunities then they are looking at you online before they book you. We will make sure they like what they see and book you. The next seven weeks we will cover the following topics.

Monday nights, 7pm CST via Zoom

March 28th - May 9th, 2022

The class schedule will be:

  • Class #1: Branding – Can people recognize your brand?
  • Class #2: Websites - The essential piece for all professionals
  • Class #3:Newsletters – A tool for engaging with your followers
  • Class #4: Social Media – The importance of engaging and managing it well
  • Class #5:Social Media Content
  • Class #6: Interviewing Like a Pro
  • Class #7: Blogs and Podcasts

What you will recieve during the seven week course

  • You will get the LIVE course,
  • recordings of all six classes.
  • Mastermind Wednesday Mornings at 9am CST to review the homework and brainstorm with other writers/authors.

This is a series you are not going to want to miss! Sign up today, we start class #1 On March 28th at 7 pm CST

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