Adventure to Vegas Part 1

Aimee Ravichandran
Nov 24, 2020
Aimee Ravichandran and Robyn at Las Vegas
Aimee Ravichandran and Robyn at Las Vegas

This past week I went on a road-trip to Las Vegas with my friend Robyn and her three kids. It was full of fun, adventure, and wine! I got to travel to new places on this adventure. Experience and try new things that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I want to share all of those mini adventures we had on our way to Viva Las Vegas with y’all.

Did I ever tell you guys that I am not a morning person? Well.. this is how I feel about waking up early!

Road Trip Sleepyhead

Our adventure started early Memorial Day.. early as in 5 AM..I rolled out of bed at 4:30 am to get dressed and double check that I have everything I need for the adventure to Vegas! Before I knew it we were embarking on our journey, their was some people on the road, it was pitch black still outside. I was sitting in the seat thinking who gets up this early by choice…definitely not me. The kids are sacked out in there seats. Robyn and I are talking passing the time till we got to El Paso to rest for the night. We did a quick stop in San Antonio to eat breakfast then continued on.

Once in El paso we checked into the Hotel unpacked the car. The kids changed in there swim suits and we went to the pool. Now the pool was outside in El Paso which was insanely HOT and yet the pool was like ice cubes on your body. I was not brave enough to jump into the pool but the kids and Robyn were. I was only brave enough to stick my feet in. Robyn and I were talking about what we about what stops we thought the kids might like along our way to Albuquerque, New Mexico tomorrow. When all of the sudden we hear this guy yelling get her up! get her up! Robyn’s youngest Laura did not have her floats on and decided she wanted to do more than play on the steps. The guy’s son was trying to get Laura up from under the water Robyn jumped in and I ran over to the pool steps got into the water and grabbed Laura from the little boy and brought her up out of the pool. We never would have noticed if it was not for the little boy and his dad..they saved laura’s life that day. Thank God that she is alright…soon after the event she was her happy self again smiling and laughing.

After a scare of a lifetime we all decided we had had enough of the pool. We all headed back up to the hotel room changed out of our swim suits and got ready for dinner. We found a great restaurant that was voted one of the best in El Paso. After such a long drive from Houston to El Paso and a scary event at the pool. Robyn and I decided a margarita was in order.

Las Vegas Margarita

Dinner was amazing after such a long day we all loaded up in the van and headed back to the hotel all of us exhausted. The kids played and relaxed in the hotel room. Finally it was sleep time granted it was only 8:30pm in El Paso Robyn and I were exhausted and ready to get some sleep! Next stop Albuquerque, New Mexico.