Our Story

Aimee Ravichandran
Nov 24, 2020
Photo of Aimee and Joshua Ravichandran

I want to share with you all how Josh and I met and leading up to our engagement.

You see Josh and I met at Lakeview Community College, at the time, I was finishing up my associate’s degree in Psychology, and he was finishing his associates in Business. We were taking an 8 a.m. government class together. He asked me to study for a test and instead we talked about our lives and really hit it off. He asked me to dinner with him and we have been together everyday since that date.

Fast forward a year or so! I transferred to UTSA, now pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Josh finished his associates in business, but decided to save some money while working as a construction worker laying asphalt. After three hot summer months, he took an offer to work at their Austin location, this time at a water proofing company. They paid him more money and his work was much easier. The long hours he worked were difficult, he would work from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. and go out of town quite often. I was use to seeing Josh everyday when he graduated, so when he decided to work construction, I was supportive but didn’t really know what that entailed. Going out of town or working overnights made it so we couldn’t see each other regularly anymore. I missed him every time he went out of town, it was a different kind of miss you, when he left I felt like a part of me was missing.

That’s when I realized that Josh was the one for me, the one I wanted to spend my life with. Josh and I had talked about getting married while he was working construction. I still remember the moment that it really hit me that we he was really going to be the one I marry. It was black Friday we went to San Marcus to the Tanger Outlets to shop at midnight. Josh took me into some jewelry stores and casually looked at some engagement rings. Looking back, he wanted to know what I liked, but at the time it was just looking. We went into Jared’s and saw this beautiful ring that was white gold with rose gold wrapped around with diamonds all over it. It was totally unique and we both fell in love with it! Sadly, we had to leave, Josh had to head out on some water proofing job later that morning and needed to get some sleep before that. So it was bye-bye to the ring, and I didn’t give it too much thought after that.

Josh and I had planned a spring break trip to visit my sister, who was living in El Paso at the time. We decided to take the train together our first train ride together which was an adventure, but that is a story for another blog post. Before going to the train station, Josh’s family wanted to come over and meet my family for the first time. I found it odd, but Josh is the oldest in his family so I didn’t read too much into it.

Everyone was happy to meet, and we finally made it to the train station, ready to start our journey to El Paso. Once we arrived in El Paso, my sister Anna and her fiance Kevin picked us up. Josh and Kevin had planned several things for our trip, but the hike in Guadalupe Pike was something high on their list. When the day came Josh woke up, looked at me and said, “Today is a BIG day.” I said “No it’s not we are just going hiking and I am not even putting make up on.” So we get packed and make our way to New Mexico to hike this trail.

During the hike I managed to trip, fall, and became a complete klutz. Needless to say, I became a cranky hiker. We followed a stream up about 3 miles and finally come to a beautiful waterfall and decided to stop and take a lunch break. We were taking pictures and Josh asked me to come take a picture with him. Well I turned to look at the waterfall and when I turned back around he was down on one knee, with the same ring we saw at Jared’s. Writing this now brought a smile to my face. That was the moment I had waited for.

Of course Josh told Kevin to get it on video, so if you want take a look at our engagement video feel free I must warn you I did use some adult language in the video. Until Next time J