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About the Program

Through our Membership Program “Through the Eyes of Authors”, you’re invited to see the publication process from the perspective of authors, agents, and publishers who are passionate about what they do.

As a member, we’ll guide you on publishing your book, promoting it, and learning how to become a bestselling author. We’ll connect you to a full community of authors and resources committed to helping you with any questions about your book’s publishing and marketing process.

You’ll also have access to:

  • Weekly Training and Mastermind calls
  • Book Marketing Courses and Training
  • Resources
  • Templates
  • Private Online Facebook Community
  • LIVE Courses and Replays of ALL Courses
  • Discount on Author services
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What makes our community unique ?

Solely dedicated to successfully publishing, launching, and promoting your book, we offer specific services uniquely designed to work with you, through your eyes. We want to give you the genuine support and helpful resource tools you need to succeed.

Personalized Attention and Service: This isn’t a giant corporation where your book publishing process is a box to be checked. We are here to help you every step of the way. For support in a group setting, in our private community forum, and through one-on-one support, we have the help you need to propel you through publication and promotion.

Accountability in Numbers: Through weekly accountability, we are there to support you to see each of your goals through. Long-term plans are broken into short-term goals. These small steps will help you take great leaps toward book publishing success.

Community and Support: At Through the Eyes of Authors, we are family. We are friend and neighbors. We are a community that cares and commits to helping you in your publication process. These expectations are not only for your fellow members but also for you as a new member—you get out what you put in—with effort, care, and commitment and the community as a whole.

We wanted to create the mental, emotional, and supportive space for you not only to get motivated when you first start but stay creative no matter what roadblock you may have hit.

A male author dressed in yellow writing in his story notebook. A young female author writing in her journal while sitting in front of some fully stacked bookshelves.

Who is this for?

Our Membership Program is the right place if you need the space to resolve any of these publishing challenges:

  • “I’m thinking of writing a book. Where do I start?" You have a few ideas, but you're not sure if any of them are good. You have always wanted to write a book, but you just kept putting it off. You finally found the time on your hands! Now what?
  • “I'm afraid of ________________!”
    You may be doubting your skills as a writer or your persistence to go the long haul. You might not feel like you’re “good enough,” if readers will want to read your book. You may be afraid of making a fool of yourself or just starting a writing career.
  • “I'm having trouble focusing.” It can be challenging to know what to do, where to start, and which publishing route to take. Knowing the first step or how much you should budget can be confusing.
  • “I'm not taking consistent action.” You have several partially finished manuscripts in a box in the closet or under the bed. What will it take to finish them and then start the next phase, called publishing and marketing?
  • “I hit a roadblock—what do I do?” You chose a path already. It turned out not to be the best solution. Now your confidence has vanished and you’re not sure which direction to choose.

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You’ve done the creative work—let Through the Eyes of Authors help you share your publication with the world! Membership plans start at only $50/month or $560/year.